Colorado Universities Innovation Council
Colorado Universities Innovation Council
Collaborating on Innovation and Entrepreneurship across Colorado's Higher Ed institutions

Collaborating across institutions to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators

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About Us


Who We Are




The Colorado Universities Innovation Council is comprised of innovation and entrepreneurship leaders from universities across Colorado’s Front Range who share knowledge and practice, and who find pathways for collaboration and connection  for the betterment of the communities they serve. CUIC serves to elevate Colorado’s innovation ecosystem by fostering the next generation of talented entrepreneurs and game changers. 

How We Started

 In 2017, the University of Denver convened leaders from several Front Range universities to start a discussion about the innovation initiatives that were growing and expanding at each school. All of these programs were relatively new and were facing similar challenges. The Colorado Universities Innovation Council (CUIC) was born to support and benefit each university's unique program through collaboration with a dedicated peer network. Today, CUIC includes approximately 20 leaders from 12 Colorado universities.

Why It Matters

"CUIC is the perfect example of the collaborative spirit of Colorado. Sharing ideas and opportunities is the best way to foster the next generation of Colorado success stories. CUIC is equipped to encourage real change in higher education by creating pathways for students and faculty across schools to connect with each other and to the greater Colorado innovation and startup ecosystems. Cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary programs are the future of innovation."

- Erik Mitisek, Colorado's Chief Innovation Officer


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